FAQ’s about new 2013 Immigration Waiver law

Question: What is the program called?
Answer: Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

Question:  What is it?
Answer: Technically, the new law is more of a policy change regarding the process of how the family member of a US Citizen gets a visa to be in the US.

Question: What does the new Program do?
Answer: The new Policy changes the time that a family member of a US citizen can apply for a waiver of inadmissibility when they currently unlawfully present in the US.

Question: Does that mean the law has changed and when an illegal immigrant marries a US Citizen he or she automatically becomes a US Citizen?
Answer: No.  The Law regarding marriage and immigration has not changed. Period.  Ramsey Law Office Sebastopol

Question: How can this help me?
Answer: If you are married to a US citizen, in the US unlawfully, and seeking to get legal status, this law means that the time you may have to spend outside the US when you depart to have your Consular Interview may be significantly less.

Question: What should I do now?
Answer: If you are married to a US citizen and in the US with an unlawful status, it is important that you talk to a local immigration attorney to discuss all the new developments in Immigration law.


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