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At the Ramsey Law office we understand the emotional nature of legal matters and the importance of trust in the attorney client relationship. My firm helps people navigate through the legal process and find the best possible outcome to difficult situations. With a commitment to communication, personal attention and timely results, you’ll find that my firm not only knows the law, but understands people too.

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Located In Downtown Sebastopol Ramsey Law Office 119 N. Main Street Sebastopol, CA 95472 Tel: 707-827-3333 Fax:707-228-1567

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Experienced in all aspects of family law. We also offer Flat Rates and scaled fees in some matters.
Attorney for Family, Spouse & Fiance Visas, Employment visas, DREAM act- Juvenile cases, and Asylum issues.
Creative legal solutions to a wide range of issues: Landlord-Tenant, copyrights, internet law, judgement collection and more...
We won't stand for physical or financial abuse of the elderly. Call 707-827-3333 to find out your rights.